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Wilhelm BAHMÜLLER Corrugated Converting Machines Since 1945 

TEAM UP WITH US! Innovation and progress can only be achieved as a team. 

Our guiding principle is to make our products the best in the industry. 

Passion for Precision
Early 2006 Bahmüller released its new created Speciality Folder Gluer TURBOX.
Made from scratch! With the input from the field Bahmüller think tank efforts result in a unique solution for corrugated box converting. A purely servo driven SFG with new features like UNIQUE FOLD became a milestone – an example of think-outside-the-box.
The rotating “hooks” – UNIQUE FOLD - replace the conventional folding hooks and enable the users new perspectives of folding – easy, accurate and very fast.
Over the recent years more than 100 units were sold world wide, you can find TURBOX machines from Europe via USA to Australia.

Keeping an eye on ZERO DEFECT delivery and easy and efficient set-up – we can clearly say the TURBOX is a masterpiece of engineering. All axis are servo controlled, the own HMI ensures optimum calculation and control of the entire process.

The engineering team and process engineers developed the DFS – diagonal fold supervision – a sensor controlled folding surveillance system. Even smallest flaps being controlled on the fly and consequently discharged by the UNIQUE EJECT single box ejection. Set-up is as easy as to prepare a good brew.

In 2013 Bahmüller introduced the inline POWERPACKER. 
A fully automatic packer – a class of its own.
Once set, the system collects the boxes direct from the SFG and forms a bundle, w/o the need of additional labour. A separator module counts and takes the boxes off the shingle without troubling the operation of the machine. The post located modules take the boxes through a turning device and put it in a pit module. Integrated in the pit module the customer can have either an advanced banding system from Swiss company ATS TANNER or a strapping module from German based MOSCA. 
POWERPACKER can increase the overall performance of the MPG line by reduced labour force on shop floor. Clients report an average of 30% increase on throughput compared to manual pick-up.

Family owned companies are long term global business partners to Bahmüller. Cooperating with ATS Tanner from Switzerland, MOSCA from Germany and SMB from Germany – Bahmüller can provide a wide range of solutions for the corrugated board industry.

Together with Göpfert Maschinenbau GmbH – Bahmüller formed BGM – the well known producer of inline FFG from 2.5m width to 5.5m Jumbo width. Second to none print quality and all means of box joints can be provided.

South Germany based – family owned Bahmüller with more than 380 employees – is proud to be one of the most innovative converting machine producers in the world.
Serving the industry since 75 years – progress and innovation at highest precision!

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