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Fabcon Expands Middle Eastern Presence Through Kuwaiti Deal
A leading food processing equipment manufacturer has bolstered its presence in the Middle East by supplying bespoke equipment for one of the region’s first purpose-built batch fried crisp factories. 
UK-based Fabcon Food Systems has provided the systems for a £1.5 million production line in a new Kuwait factory, built and owned by the AlWazzan Foodstuff Industries Group. It is the company’s first direct sale into the Middle East market.
Working closely with the Kuwaiti group’s management team, Fabcon have installed a range of their specially-designed pre-processing equipment, including frying, seasoning, distribution and supply line supporting structures.
The Norwich-based specialists were chosen for the project after demonstrating their experience in potato processing and seasoning, and their project management credentials, to see the project through its design, supply, installation and commissioning phases.

Trevor Howard, managing director of Fabcon Food Systems said: “We were approached by AlWazzan’s owner Muntaser AlWazzan after he learned about our expertise in building batch crisp lines.

“The purpose-built factory is hugely innovative and the facility is an exciting new venture in a new market for Muntaser and his company. They now have a 21st century production plant to support their business as it quickly expands across the region.”

Muntaser AlWazzan, of AlWazzan Foodstuff Industries Group, added: “To operate a successful facility we required the best equipment, knowledge and expertise. Fabcon's team has delivered all of those things and expertly saw the project from start to completion. 

“We now have one of the most innovative potato crisp production facilities in the Middle East with room for further expansion.”

Formed in 2015, Fabcon Food Systems manufacture, supply and install innovative handling and processing equipment for the food industry. Designed and built at the company’s Norwich factory, Fabcon supply their systems and machinery to customers in the UK, mainland Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Technical overview
Fabcon provided the following equipment to AlWazzan Foodstuff Industries Group:
o 220 kg/hr batch fryer including raw potato reception equipment, product handling, grading, washing, destoning, peeling, slicing and high speed belt feed into fryer - all sized to allow for future expansion 
o Colour sorter (supplied by a third party)
o Distribution system to seasoning 
o Seasoning system including dry seasoning screw feeder, scarf feeder and two interchangeable stainless steel seasoning drums for flexibility and ease of cleaning. 
o Conveyors and elevators including horizontal motion conveyor with storage facility to feed multi-head weigher and bag-maker stations 
o Gantries, steelwork, controls and interfaces 
o Storage tanks for fresh and waste oil, oil filtration system for frying oil and nitrogen cooling system for waste oil 
o Project management, installation, commissioning and training 
o Popcorn distribution system, including: Conveyors and elevators; Horizontal motion conveyor to feed multi-head weighers

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